2015/10/22 :: Escaping

In a society as in Germany at present, political topics seem to exist in a separate reality. On the subject of migration it creates another reality again. Humans are in misery, they leave their home, their countries out of different reasons. They come to Germany also because since many years we are showing and presenting our material prosperity as a fulfilling truth – with the hope to save their lifes and possibly to make life better. With this our fear starts. We fear to loose our wealth which we and our families worked hard for, the safeness it represents. We welcome refugees with open arms and our truthful pityfulness, not without fearing to loose our comfort. Maybe, a little sense of guilt lies in it too. Because our wealth is borne on the shoulders of the world. For our comfort we exhausted other countries, we have them work for small money. In case of an emergency we donate or we are travelers and “give” these countries something back. We make excuses without being conscious about them. We live a kind of modern servitude and using less beneficiary countries and nations. In our mind it also helps them. Far too long we haven’t had a close look or questioned our lifestyle. Now they come to us. They dream about what we made them imagine. We are shocked by the amount which we attract by our wealth, our safeness. Meanwhile the big nations are continuing their play. Dealing with war and wealth. Which of them really is truthful and attentive? The own best comes first naturally. Getting united, if necessary. Stopping support, if necessary. Democratic kings. We still living old times. One single life seems not worth a lot. With all news, discussions, informations and calculations questions remain: How is it possible that we continue to hurt each other? When is it possible for us to understand our self? Why is it so difficult to live a life in awareness when it comes to our own good? Will we continue to victimize other human beings? Can we not stop it and live a life in peace with each other? Who benefits from violence? And what should violence do or change? The answers are individual and as different as humans are alive on this planet. But for one thing we should realize that violence in any way is no answer at all.